Blog Audit

Lets take a chance to review what I have discusses so far in my blogs, and see how ideas have progressed and developed from the beginning of the year. The general topic that I chose to focus on for my blog was the Executive branch. When reading over my posts, I would say about half of them correspond to what we have discussed in class that week. I really enjoy being able to cite specific court cases, which I did more in my first couple posts and then stopped doing. I hope to bring that back in and also add more articles for the reader to also look at the relates to my post.

A lot of my blogs have pertained to power, whether it be powers of the executive branch, or powers of the other branches of government that influence the executive branch. Some of these examples are executive privilege, constitutional avoidance, and judicial deference. These are all broader topics that I have gathered from the book or through law review articles that I have read online. I notice that this is a somewhat different approach from my other classmates, who talk about current events. My post on presidential legacies was my first and only one that referenced current events. I like this post and I think that in these next leg of the class I would like to try and tie current events to the topics we are discussing in class. Maybe, since the Supreme Court has recently started a new session I can use some of their upcoming cases in my blog and talk about how I think they will decide.


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